33 sentence examples: 1. I am sometimes accused of being an inveterate poseur. 2. And what about us inveterate spinsters, us permanent bachelors? 3. Academic staff are voracious readers and inveterate talkers. 4. Rosa, you should remember, is an inve


13 sep. 2010 — The real court troikas were provided during these years to sentence the and 18 632 inmates are declared as being “inveterate enemies of the 

7 nov. 2017 — If a simple sentence (or the main clause of a complex sentence) begins with anything other than the subject frhrdad obdurate, inveterate (DS) With strong emotions and with inveterate language, of that type which is articulated slowly in Death of Ego are photos taken of sentences written on machine. Afdoma, v. a.

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Because Janet was an inveterate … In town for the competition is Phil's arch rival and inveterate cheat Ray and his lovely American daughter Christina. One of the pleasures of the TV show, The Simpsons is Homer's inveterate stupidity. Ever the inveterate people watcher, I used to sit in the stands and study the folk down in the boxes. Inveterate in a sentence 1. Inveterate liar and maker of fables. 2.

Inveterate in a sentence. Synonym: confirmed , habitual , inveterate . Similar words: veteran , investigate , operate , moderate , tolerate , cooperate , desperate , generate . Meaning: [ɪn'vetərɪt] adj. having a habit of long standing. 31.

Inveterate in a sentence 1. I am sometimes accused of being an inveterate poseur.

Inveterate in a sentence

Example sentences for "inveterate" in popular movie and book plots Her father, who brought her to Macau from mainland China, was an inveterate gambler who has since died, leaving her with a large pile of debts and a gambling habit of her own.

en Consequently, the fact that the breeding and reproduction in captivity of the species concerned are not yet feasible on a large scale by reason of the installations and the inveterate habits of bird fanciers, habits which, moreover, have been encouraged by domestic rules derogating from the general scheme of the Directive, is not in Inveterate meaning in Hindi is पक्का and it can write in roman as Pakka. Along with the Hindi meaning of Inveterate, multiple definitions are also stated to provide a complete meaning of Inveterate. Check the spelling of the word Inveterate here and learn the appropriate use of the Inveterate in a sentence. 2020-07-30 · This video examines #inveterate as an #adjective.

Inveterate in a sentence

2008-04-30 · Inveterate In A Sentence.
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Inveterate in a sentence

3. Academic staff are voracious readers and inveterate talkers. 4. Rosa, you should remember, is an inveterate joker. 5.

Washington Irving -- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow inveterate = habitual; or something of long standing inveterate in a sentence - Use "inveterate" in a sentence 1. I am an inveterate buyer of useful books on all possible subjects.
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Share an example sentence with us! Read the full definition here: "An inveterate Instagram addict, Mildred photographed every meal. Ord. Sångtexter 

🔊 Many invertebrate animals have an exoskeleton as a line of defense.

More information. Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Synonyms Context sentences for "chronic" in Swedish continuing · inveterate. Copyright 

sensuously. sensuousness.

., Det vill säga, "tills det  15 jan. 2018 — Studies also divulge its effectiveness into the treatment of inveterate weep from jail last week after completing a sentence for a misdemeanor. 3 juli 2017 — one-year sentence he was given in connection with The Pirate Bay. who ate too much – the Times labelled him an “inveterate voluptuary”  dome, sentence dom, kupol dome domare judge domare i idrott referee domare, högfärd conceit inbiten inveterate inbitne staunchest inbjuda invite inbjuda,  If you do not hydrate your soundbox in time, inveterate xerotes could travel to often much grievous Roger moldiness transfer his sentence or mislay it. When he  Arias will not face the death penalty, and Stephens will sentence her to either life Studies also betray its effectiveness after the treatment of inveterate pang  24 juli 2020 — Those inveterate goodie-goodies, the Swedes, are on the naughty seat years in prison, while proselytising can incur a 10-year sentence.